Collect visual data with Lumen's eye-tracking platform

Get human-first attention with eye-tracking tests through Lumen’s proprietary software, which enables eye-tracking via webcams on laptops and mobile devices across opt-in participants. Test ad campaigns, understand different ad formats, or measure the visual journey across publishers.

Test ad creative in any environment

Measure attention metrics across every online and offline environment by measuring visual data for programmatic, social, streaming, audio, out-of-home, and more.  Segment your test audiences by specific demographics or buying behaviors.

Make ads perform better with unique insights

Survey the audiences to identify brand recall, consideration, and other key metrics after a creative test. Get heatmaps, gaze plots, and view orders to show how consumers really pay attention and receive full reports on attention metrics to identify winning campaigns and strategies.

What we offer

Understand how your ads stand out from the feed

Lumen can test all ad formats across all the major social network platforms, in any country in the world
In context testing to understand the impact of publishers, format and creative design on attention and action

Test any form of standard display or video format advertising, and most ad types from the leading global rich media format owners
In game advertising
Test your ads within the gaming environment to understand the reality of attention and impact

Ad tests for display ads within games, or pre-roll ads within streaming services all covered
Just because your ad is playing doesn’t mean that your audience is watching.

Test what really captures the consumer’s eye when it some to TV and VOD advertising, and how your ads compare to the industry norm
Out of home advertising has to work hard to gain attention within a busy visual context.

Lumen’s revolutionary in context testing approach uses cutting edge video editing technology to insert your ad with a video of a street seen so that we understand the reality of attention to all forms of OOH
Point of sale materials need to attract the eye within a busy shopping experience.

Lumen’s award-winning in context testing approach help you understand what really captures the eye of shoppers – and what really drives purchase behaviour
Understand how ads stand out from the page for both newspapers and magazines

In context eye tracking testing for all forms of print advertising, benchmarked vs the world’s largest print dataset
Unseen is unsold in the world of retail. Understand what makes packs stand out on the shelf.

Lumen’s in-context eye tracking methodologies help you understand which pack designs capture attention on the shelf, and which details drive communication in isolation

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