How does the eye-tracking work?

Webcam eye tracking

Lumen’s proprietary software turns your phone or computer’s webcam into a high quality eye tracking camera

The system calibrates the camera to the users’ eyes, estimating attention within a circle c 2.5cm or 1 inch diameter

All processing is done on the users’ device, and no video data or personally identifiable information is uploaded to our database

How the eye tracking works

The software looks for glints of light in the user’s eye and uses this information to estimate where they are looking on the screen

Attention to content

The software also records what was on the screen, so that we can understand what was viewable, and what was actually viewed

Academic validation

Lumen’s innovative approach to eye tracking was recently voted a conference favourite at the conference of the prestigious Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

It is a technology approved for use by academics at Imperial College London and University of Oxford