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Measure Beyond Viewability

Analyze attention with industry-leading eye-tracking technology to gain new insights into the customer journey.

Plan, Test, Predict

Access an end-to-end suite of research services and tools for media planning, creative tests, and reporting.

Drive Better Outcomes

Integrate attention tags across your tech stack for high-precision, predictive and programmatic media buying that drives higher return on ad spend, brand lift, and ad efficiency.

Our Solutions


Lumen measures visual attention data with state-of-the-art eye-tracking technology across the largest opt-in panels in the world and integrates the data across the advertising technology stack .

+ How does the eye-tracking work?
Lumen’s eye-tracking technology converts a phone or computer’s webcam into a sensor that detects attentive seconds per thousand (APM) based on the Lumen Predictive Attention Engine, the only PwC-verified attention model proven to drive engagement and conversion with measurement and optimization based on eye-tracking.
+ Lumen Eye-Tracking Panels
Lumen’s predictive models are based on the largest continuous eye tracking panels in the world with opt-in users that use the browser extension or mobile app that enables the Lumen Predictive Attention Engine via webcam.
+ Lumen Predictive Attention Engine
The Lumen Predictive Attention Engine is powered by AI and advanced machine learning that generates dynamic and predictive eye-tracking data to attention models that can forecast the attention per ad based on ad format and domain.

Academic validation


Lumen’s innovative approach to eye tracking was recently voted a conference favourite at the conference of the prestigious Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

It is a technology approved for use by academics at Imperial College London and University of Oxford