Our technology


Lumen combines state of the art eye tracking technology, deployed on the largest attention panels in the world, with cutting edge ad tech capabilities

+ How does the eye-tracking work?
Lumen’s eye tracking tech converts your phone or computer’s webcam into a high quality eye tracking sensor

This enables us to collect passive eye tracking data at scale and speed, both for media valuation and creative tests
+ Lumen eye tracking panels
Lumen’s predictive models are based on the largest continuous eye tracking panels in the world.

US panel size: 1000 mobile
UK panel size 750 mobile; 225 desktop
+ Lumen predictive model
Lumen’s predictive models employ advanced machine learning techniques to estimate attention to ads given their viewability characteristics

Academic validation


Lumen’s innovative approach to eye tracking was recently voted a conference favourite at the conference of the prestigious Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

It is a technology approved for use by academics at Imperial College London and University of Oxford