US Grocery Brand Sees +61% Increase in Conversions with Attention-First Advertising

Grocery Store Ads Attention


  • One of the largest US grocery chains wanted to drive higher ad performance for retargeting campaigns by ensuring ads are delivered to high-attention environments and channels


  • Deliver ads to high-attention ad inventory that adapts to the brand’s goals in real-time through the Lumen’s Attentive Private Marketplaces (aPMP)
  • Measure performance through the Lumen Attention Measurement Platform to visualize which domains and ad formats drive the most attention, while optimizing for better results based on customizable attention scores


  • +25% click-through rate
  • +62% conversions in terms of overall purchases


One of the largest grocery store chains in the country wanted to optimize retargeting campaigns to drive better results with each campaign. This meant creating a new method of targeting and delivering ads as well as a better way to measure the impact of those ads.

Lumen partnered with the brand and integrated the Lumen Attention Measurement Platform across the advertising stack, deploying attention tags to start to track and measure how much view time and views generated by both media networks and channels as well as ad format. As LAMP measured what drove the most attention for the brand, the team built a custom attention algorithm from dozens of attention signals most important for the brand.

With a custom attention algorithm built for the brand, the team ran retargeting campaigns across Lumen’s AI-powered Attentive Private Marketplace (aPMP). This guaranteed that the campaigns delivered impressions to domains where each ad was most likely to drive the highest possible attention. The dynamic technology behind the aPMP adjusted media buying and supply in real-time for a custom, high-attention media buying strategy while measuring outcomes across the funnel with a full integration across the brand’s ad-tech stack.