Global Footwear Company Drives +133% in Brand Awareness with Attention Technology


  • A global footwear brand wanted to integrate attention technology across ad campaigns to optimize ad creative and delivery.


  • The Lumen Attention Measurement Platform (LAMP) tags were integrated across the ad tech stack
  • Lumen Spotlight tested ad creative in lookalike environments across eye-tracking panels to understand the visual journey 


  • The brand generated +133% in brand awareness by optimizing ad creative based on new recommendations from Spotlight and changing the bidding strategy based on attention scores measured by LAMP


To validate both the ad creative and media buying strategies in a new campaign, a global footwear company partnered with Lumen for end-to-end attention technology solutions. Specifically, the brand wanted to drive higher awareness and measure the results more accurately.

With Spotlight, the team could visualize how consumers viewed the ad creative based on eye-tracking panels and predictive attention models, helping them understand what really drove attention across audiences.

By incorporating the Lumen Attention Measurement Platform, it was possible to understand awareness by attention metrics such as view time, total views, attentive seconds per ad, and attention per impression.

LAMP dashboard

The attention funnel was measured through the Lumen Attention Dashboard, which measures total impressions, impressions measured, viewable impressions rendered on the site, and impressions that were actually viewed according to Lumen’s predictive eye-tracking models. This helped the team gain new insights into attention metrics that proved out the brand awareness of the campaign. The findings were validated by user surveys based on eye-tracking panels that participated in the campaign.