British Gas Drives 10X Return on Ad Spend with Lumen


  • British Gas wanted to identify the most effective, attention-first ad domains and formats and activate attention across their ad buying platform, while visualizing the impact of ad creative when a mascot was used in an ad campaign. 


  • The Lumen Attention Measurement Platform (LAMP) tags were integrated in the British Gas media mix  
  • Custom attention algorithms powered campaign activation to optimize placement and format for attention, reducing CPM by prioritizing high-attention supply and ad formats 
  • Lumen Spotlight was applied to British Gas campaign assets, including video content, to understand creative effectivenes


  • 10x return on ad spend by implementing attention tags that detected attention scores in real-time and reduced ad waste
  • +80% ad reach identified by Lumen Spotlight attention models showing the impact of creative elements


British Gas partnered with Lumen to integrate Lumen’s creative and media buying solutions. The team wanted to identify the most effective, attention-first ad domains and formats and activate attention across their ad buying platform. When it came to ad creative, they also wanted to test “Wilbur” the penguin mascot as a creative element to understand if there was a difference in ad reach and recall. 

To analyze attention-first ad domains, Lumen and British Gas tagged each ad with a Lumen Ad Measurement Platform (LAMP) tag so that they could measure not only delivered impressions, but how many times an impression had been viewed according to Lumen’s predictive eye-tracking technology. This gave the team a way to measure attentive-cost-per-impression (aCPM), which provided a new way to optimize media buying across partners. LAMP also helped British Gas understand the relationship between how many impressions were delivered to media networks and how many of those impressions were actually viewed. By reinvesting ad budget to partners based on attention-per-impression (APM) rather than a traditional CPM, the team reduced overall cost and increased ad effectiveness.

To optimize ad creative, British Gas worked with Lumen to apply eye-tracking technology to two different ads: one without a mascot and one with a mascot.

Without Wilbur – Heatmapping via Lumen Spotlight

With Wilbur – Heatmapping with Lumen Spotlight

By combining eye-tracking technology with media buying, Lumen helped British Gas achieve a 10X – 13X return on ad spend by dramatically increasing ad efficiency through media planning by aCPM measurement and attention-first ad creative.