Beverage Brand Saves $1.1 Million in Ad Spend with Lumen

Lumen attention case study


  • A major distiller and distributor wanted to measure ad campaigns to understand where ad spend could drive better campaign performance at the impression and domain-level for two well-known beverage brands.


  • By tagging ad creative with Lumen Attention Tags and uploading cross-channel social and programmatic data into the Lumen Attention Measurement Platform (LAMP), the team got real- time insight into the cost of attention by channel, format, media, and website
  • For each domain, the LAMP dashboard showed the likelihood that ads were viewed across each channel and the cost of views and view time.


  • $1.1 million in ad budget saved 
  • 40% lower attentive cost per impression 
  • +178% view time


Lumen’s attention data shows that approximately 70% of ads measured as “viewable” aren’t actually viewed. When ads are placed across websites that are priced based on viewability, that means that the ad was delivered, but it doesn’t mean it was seen.

The team at a major beverage brand was interested in optimizing an ad campaign for attention, not just viewability, as a way to drive to  higher cost efficiencies and higher ad performance.

By tagging the ad creative across the campaign with the Lumen Attention Tag, the team could measure domain performance using the Lumen Attention Measurement Platform to see which websites and ad formats would drive the highest chance of being viewed. By reinvesting ad budget across high-attention media, Lumen helped the team save $1.1 million in ad spend that would otherwise have gone to ad placement that weren’t likely to be seen.

With the LAMP Dashboard, the team could see the real-time performance of these adjustments. By optimizing for high attention, the cost of attention, calculated by Lumen’s attentive cost per impression (aCPM) went down by 40% and view time across impressions increased by 178% – driving higher awareness and engagement.