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Last month, Bill Forelli, Lumen’s VP of Sales, North America, took to the Innovation Stage at POSSIBLE in Miami to officially showcase our performance-based attention targeting solution, the Lumen Loop. The Lumen Loop gets better outcomes for advertisers  by delivering ads to websites where attention turns into action – and eliminating poor-quality websites from the media mix.

As Bill puts it: “It was so exciting to be on stage at POSSIBLE introducing the manifestation of over eleven years of Attention research.The Lumen Loop simplifies Attention activation while increasing performance by unheard-of amounts!” 

There are three steps to Lumen Loop’s attention targeting: Measure, Target, and Activate.

Lumen Loop1. Measure Campaign Data
Clients send Lumen past campaign data to assess the relationship between attention & outcomes

2. Set the Attention Target
Lumen identifies the optimal attention target to drive efficient and effective results with the custom attention model

3. Activate Attention Bidding
Lumen delivers media across a campaign-specific attentive PMP 

“The early love affair with the Lumen Loop is definitely based on the results,” Bill explains. “They speak for themselves.” 

In the closed beta phase of the Lumen Loop, clients have seen up to +441% higher conversions while lowering cost-per-action by 58%. Even the quality of traffic goes up: one auto brand saw +218% higher qualified conversions after activating the Lumen Loop. 

The Lumen Loop integrates Lumen’s attention solutions into a repeatable process and offers media buyers a new and exciting way to drive higher performance across all prospecting tactics while keeping costs low by bidding on attentive inventory specific to the brand’s campaign data. 

By giving advertisers a streamlined deal ID to buy ad inventory that gets the attention that gets results, this new way of targeting can easily be applied across all programmatic campaigns and measured with DSP data from the Lumen Attention Measurement and Planning Platform. 

Want to sign up to learn more about the Lumen Loop? We’re now launching our open beta phase of the product and would love to connect!

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