Major Telco Generates 8X Higher Conversions with Lumen aPMPs



  • A telecommunications company wanted to drive more website visits from video ads and chose to deliver the ads through attention-first media with Lumen’s attentive private marketplaces (aPMP), generating higher conversions and ad efficiency


  • The brand ran a video ad campaign across five different media networks and measured performance based on conversions by integrating outcomes data via the DSP
  • Distributed campaign across all media networks to test outcomes with a side-by-side comparison with Lumen’s attentive private marketplace (aPMP) and four other major PMPs


  • +32% lower CPM
  • +37% higher attention score based on view time and overall impressions viewed
  • 8X higher conversion compared to the second best-performing PMP


The Lumen Attentive Private Marketplace (aPMP) is curated with pre-bid filters for high-attention domains and improves ad delivery based on a brand’s custom attention metrics with predictive supply optimization powered by premium inventory through Criteo Commerce Grid.

By buying media across high-attention Commerce Grid inventory, the team drove 32% lower CPM compared to the most expensive media network and saw a +800% higher conversion rate as defined by website visits compared to the second-best PMP.

aPMP results for telco

In addition, the Lumen PMP saw the highest viewability rate across five different media networks, reaching 87% viewability for ad delivery and drove +37% higher attentive seconds per 1000 impressions (APM).