Can’t get enough of GDPR?

Are you loving all these GDPR emails as much as we are?
Probably not.  You see, we’ve been admiring the variety and thinking a lot about what does and doesn’t work when email marketers seek opt-ins from their audience.  This week we featured two GDPR emails in our weekly digital omnibus so we could compare their performance.  The emails took different approaches – with startlingly different results.  Have a look at the emails below and compare the heatmaps and dwell times on their respective calls-to-action:

Sometimes all you need is a BIG RED BUTTON!!!

Vying for attention can be a difficult and often nuanced challenge. But sometimes it’s not.
In our test, we pitched the somewhat cooler customer Urban Golf against the less subtle Game.
Game’s tongue-in-cheek-last-ditch-effort approach to getting customers to RESUBSCRIBE did a good job of invoking the power of FOMO and the can’t-miss-it visuals of the call-to-action worked very well at getting attention. Urban Golf’s email was clear, but the visual hierarchy meant that their “Opt-In” button was much easier to miss.
This bold approach by Game meant people spent almost twice as long on their email (9.1 seconds) in comparison to Urban Golf’s (5.1 seconds).  And, staggeringly, the call-to-action received 17 times more attention (3.4 seconds vs 0.2)
Remember, if you’re trying to convey something, more text doesn’t mean more time spent reading!
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