Here at Lumen, we’re regular readers of Dominic Mills’ weekly Mediatel article – Mills on Monday.
This week’s article really caught our eye! 

The article begins with a positive spin on the (until recently) bleak outlook of the Magazine Industry.
I’m getting a clear sense that the magazine industry is at last clawing its way out of the door to nowhere, where the sign reads: “Help. Print is buggered and we don’t know what to do”.
Mills’ thought piece focuses on the importance of the print industry harnessing the power attention and emotion to drive encoding to the memory. Publishers armed with this knowledge, argues Mills, could change their fortunes.
Mills sites “The evidence of a new-found confidence was in plain sight at last week’s PPA Festival at Tobacco Dock.”
Well, Mr Mills, not only do we agree, we’ve got the graphs to prove it!
The graph illustrates two things:
  • Attention is clearly linked to recall
  • In comparison to digital, print is encoded very well indeed
You can read Mills’ whole article Magazines: forget eyeballs, it’s attention that matters here.
Although we disagree with the headline – don’t forget about eyeballs, just measure them properly!