Mediacom APAC’s review of Attention Providers


Lumen has come out well in a recent review of global attention providers produced by Mediacom APAC. The review is part of a really comprehensive introduction to attention that they have put together for their clients, which will be launched at a webinar on 27th April.  We’ll definitely be tuning in – and you should too.
It’s always interesting to hear what the users of attention data think of the data we produce. It’s also interesting to see how we stack up against the rest of the market. In general, we spend more time thinking about our clients than our competitors, so it’s great to see how comprehensive the Lumen solution is versus alternatives. We’ve always been really impressed by the work done by Amplified Intelligence, and what the guys at Playground.xyz (now owned by Gumgum) have been up to, and so it’s nice to see how an independent audit of capabilities views us all.
There is, of course, a major missing piece here: where is TVision, the leading attention technology company for TV? We rate their work very highly too. They are focused on the ‘big screen’ rather than digital channels – but the big screen is a big part of the advertising market.
And while the report shows that Lumen has the most comprehensive suite of attention tools available, it misses out some of our latest developments. We have interesting approaches for other screens too – in-game advertising and OOH can both be measured and optimized using Lumen methodologies.
But Mediacom APAC have done the industry a favour in producing a readable and practical user guide about a complex and important topic. It will benefit advertisers and publishers, and, of course, Mediacom’s clients.