Lumen wins at MRS Awards



Dentsu, Lumen and TVision win at the MRS awards
Dentsu’s Attention Economy project, created in partnership with Lumen and TVision won the MRS Award for Media Research on Monday night.
The project involves the creation of the world’s largest attention data collection panels, combining data for both TV and digital, across both the UK and the US. The data is then turned into a powerful predictive model of attention to advertising across media, that is in turn linked to the cost of media and the brand and performance outcomes that result.
The judges were impressed by the fact that the Dentsu project moves the discussion of ‘the attention economy’ on from theory to practice. Not content with simply reporting the data collected, Lumen and TVision have created a series of tools that allow Dentsu to plan, buy and measure advertising on the basis of attention.
Lumen has also developed a creative pre-testing toolkit that allows Dentsu clients to understand the attention requirements of different campaigns, and so generate client- and campaign-specific ‘attention strategies’. This can be linked to the ‘attention optimised’ brand lift studies, that Lumen has pioneered with On Device Research.
The Media Research award follows on from Lumen and Dentsu’s recent success at the MediaWeek awards. Lumen won the Jeremy Bullmore Award for Creative Development Research and the Innovation of the Year at the MRS Awards in 2019.
Lumen was also nominated for two other awards in this year’s competition. Our custom bidding solution, which enables DSPs to ‘buy attention’ programmatically, was shortlisted for Innovation of the Year. And Amelia Wallis, one of the rising stars of Lumen’s Attention Consultancy business, was shortlisted for the Young Researcher of the Year.