Lumen nominated for one and a bit MRS awards

We’re pleased to announce that Lumen has been nominated for the Market Research Society Innovation of the Year for the second year in a row. Last year, we won the award for our POS and poster testing solution. This year, we have been nominated for our revolutionary approach to pre-testing and optimising mobile advertising, especially on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. We’re really pleased to receive back-to-back nominations, especially as we find ourselves in such august company. I am excited to hear about what Jigsaw, Streetbees and Gorilla in the Room have up their sleeves.
But in some ways, we’re even more excited for Paddy Power and Relish Research, who have been nominated for the Jeremy Bullmore Award for Creative Development Research (an award that we also won last year in partnership with our friends at Tesco). Lumen’s tech was a component part in their approach, but all the thinking and study design came from them.
At Lumen, we have developed an amazing technology that can be used on pretty much any device, pretty much anywhere in the world. The only limit is our imagination. But let’s be frank: that’s a big barrier. We might have all the answers, but sometimes we don’t have all the questions.
This is why it was such fun working in partnership with Kate Wells at Paddy Power and Simon Thompson at Relish. They had their own challenge, and came up with their own plan to address it. They could see how eye tracking could play a part, but it wasn’t the whole story. Working with them was really eye opening.
When you think about eye tracking all the time you can become slightly myopic (if you will excuse the pun). Partnering with such creative and innovative thinkers as Paddy Power and Relish has opened up new perspectives for us. Many hands make Lumen work.
Congratulations and best of luck to everyone nominated!