Lumen and IAS Launch Partnership on Attention Model



Integral Ad Science (IAS) and Lumen are excited to announce that the two companies have officially partnered together to bring Lumen’s eye-tracking technology and predictive attention models to the IAS Attention Model.

The IAS Attention Model is based on three key categories: Visibility, Situation, and Interaction. With the use of Lumen’s proprietary eye-tracking technology and attention tags, Lumen will be adding a Focus Dataset that drives greater insight across the Interaction category, helping marketers understand exactly where consumers fixate in the presence of ads.

“Lumen Research is bringing new eye-tracking signals that are unique to the signals we have,” says Jeremy Kanterman, vice president of research and insights at IAS.

By working together, Lumen will begin to apply Lumen’s predictive model of attention to IAS’s viewability data to create impression-level attention predictions for IAS clients.