Lumen Research is Granted Patent in the EU for Eye-Tracking Data Collection Platform

Lumen eye-tracking attention m

London, UK, February 28, 2024 -Lumen Research, the global attention technology company, announced the industry-first patent for an end-to-end eye-tracking data collection platform. The patent, initially granted in the EU, covers the Lumen eye-tracking platform’s ability to collect points of interest on web pages through eye-tracking on both mobile and desktop environments through webcams.

The inventors, Lumen co-founder Navid Hajmirza and Andrew Walker, have developed this eye-tracking platform specifically to drive a scalable, efficient way to collect visual attention information such as:

● Displaying a browser window on a display;

● Estimating a user’s gaze point within the display;

● Transforming a geometry of the estimated gaze point and/or a geometry of the browser window to a common coordinate system;

● Identifying an object in the browser window that corresponds to the estimated gaze point;

● Extracting the identified object;

● Storing the estimated gaze point and data corresponding to the extracted object.

“This patent is an exciting milestone in Lumen’s history and proves that our specific application of understanding visual consumer behaviour on the screen through webcams is truly unique,” says Lumen co-founder Navid Hajmirza. “Our end-to-end eye-tracking data collection platform helps businesses really understand what people see – literally – and our predictive attention technology is built from that.”

Today, Lumen’s eye-tracking data collection platform has captured visual attention information from more than 650,000 real-world sessions from opt-in panels of consumers browsing web and mobile devices with the platform’s secure, browser-level software. This data is used to train the PWC-validated Lumen Predictive Attention Model, the only attention model validated by an independent third-party, which provides advertisers with a way to measure, target, and activate attention data with human-first visual information at scale.

“Lumen’s proprietary eye-tracking technology has proven over the years that, by powering advertising efforts with visual data, we can provide advertisers with the most accurate way to measure and activate attention data efficiently and at scale,” says Mike Follett, CEO. “This patent proves that we’ve developed an innovative way to help advertisers win the attention economy.”

“Lumen’s eye-tracking data has been instrumental in aiding our understanding of the varying quality of media experiences for years,” says Jon Waite, managing director at Havas Media. “By measuring attention with human-first metrics, we know that we can predict with confidence whether ads will be seen and which media is really driving the kind of attention that matters.”

Read the full patent here.