Lumen at the ASI conference, Ritson in Sweden

Last month, we spoke at the asi, the premier advertising and publishing conference. Sadly, because of COVID, we didn’t get to rub shoulders with the great and the good in Istanbul, but we did get to hear some fascinating talks about the future of advertising and the role of attention.
You can hear Mike’s talk about how advertisers can earn an ‘attention arbitrage’ by buying decent media and who gets the credit when Lloyd’s Bank leverages 350-year old brand assets.
But you might also want to listen to Yan Liu of TVision talk about the reality of attention to TV ads, or Richard Shotten of Astroten interviewing Sorin Patilenet of Mars on how they use attention to optimise their media planning.
Attention is suddenly the most talked about topic in marketing – one of Mark Ritson’s 17 slides that every marketer should know was a combination of TVision and Lumen data that appeared in Ebiquity’s recent Mind the Gap report. It’s important for creative optimisation but it’s also important for media trading, and it’s only going to get more important in the future.
Thank so much to Richard Marks and Mike Sainsbury for putting on a really fascinating conference, under very trying conditions. Next year in Jerusalem, or at least, in person, huh?