Join us for a world first: Eye tracking for mobile

There’s still time to get your tickets to this year’s MADfest Picnic, which should be fun. The agenda looks excellent, with people like Holly Tucker, founder of Not on the High Street and Russell Davies, who is now CMO of Bulb, sharing their wisdom.
But, great as they are, no one will be showing any revolutionary technology. Except, of course, Lumen. Because, if you go down to the woods at say, 12 o’clock or so, you’ll see the world mobile webcam eye tracking results, which we have completed with the help of our friends at Inskin.
Doing eye tracking on mobile phones is HARD. The space is small. People wobble their heads and wiggle their hands. Mobile apps are tricky to read. But we’ve done it. And we’re getting some really interesting data from the technology.
Come along on Wednesday to understand if mobile ads get more or less attention than desktop ads, or if there are greater or lesser ‘amplification’ effects from rich media ads on phones or computers.
Or come along to drink our beer and enjoy the sun. The weather forecast looks good.