Italiaonline Certifies Its Premium Advertising Formats with Lumen

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Italy’s leading internet company has partnered with Lumen Research, a specialist in measuring advertising attention through eye-tracking, to certify the quality and high performance of Italiaonline’s premium products.

Italiaonline is the first Italian publisher to certify its premium advertising formats with Lumen Research, one of the world’s leading companies in measuring advertising attention.

In this era of unprecedented information overload, consumers are bombarded with content and advertisements. As a direct consequence, users often “do not see” or “pay little attention” to advertisements on websites, social media, and TV.

The real challenge for brands and advertisers is to intercept and capture users’ attention. Attention, in fact, generates greater recall (memorability) and increases the likelihood that a user will take action (e.g., make a purchase).

Italiaonline adopts an attention-by-design approach founded on the following pillars:

  • Contextual relevance between contents and advertisement 
  • High-impact and interactive creativities developed by a specialized team (brand solutions)
  • Data-driven targeting and personalization that drive high stay-time and engagement

The study conducted with Lumen Research provides objective evidence that Italiaonline’s premium advertising formats effectively capture attention and, as a remarkable consequence, campaigns on its media properties deliver a significant ROI (return on investment).

“Attention and media quality are core in our product vision and strategy. Attention, in particular, is a cross-funnel metric as it combines both branding and performance indicators. Focusing on attention not only improves awareness but also significantly reduces CPA and generates a higher ROI in the long term. The results of our collaboration with Lumen Research further demonstrate our commitment to providing advertising products that meet our clients’ marketing and business objectives.”, says Domenico Pascuzzi, Publishing & VAS Director at Italiaonline.

“Our research with Italiaonline highlighted how quality inventory can generate both attention and outcomes for brands. This landmark study proves that publishers can drive better results for advertisers and a better experience for readers at the same time and Italiaonline is leading the way.”, says Amelia Wallis, Lumen Research Lead Attention Consultant.