How to make your attention take flight

Notice something once and then you start seeing it everywhere. It’s the same with ads. We did some research recently with Inskin to understand the priming effect of noticing one ad from a campaign and then seeing how much more likely you are to engage with subsequent ads from the same campaign.
Inskin formats are very noticeable, and so have a big impact on the attention that subsequent ads receive. MPUs that are preceded by an Inskin Pageskin receive 87% more attention than the same ads that are preceded by just a simple MPU. Read all about it here.
But you can go further, because it isn’t just a one-off phenomenon. It’s all about frequency and flighting. You could start the week with a nice big Pageskin, and then see the effects on subsequent ads over the course of the next few days. But you could take a leaf out of the TV buyers play book, and front load your campaign with a whole load of big, beautiful rich media ads to build up an ‘attention stock’ that amplifies the effects of subsequent ads for weeks to come. Inskin call it ‘flighting for success’.
The sky is the limit!