How Heineken Attracts (And Measures) Attention


Heineken Attention

Despite all of digital advertising’s sophisticated targeting capabilities, brands have to face an unfortunate reality: Just because you can hyper-target consumers and serve ads where they’re most likely to see them doesn’t guarantee people will pay attention.

In an effort to prove that an ad placement can, in fact, attract attention from potential customers, more brands are using attention metrics to measure the value of their media.

Heineken, for example, has been ramping up its investment in digital advertising for the past few years, according to Fernanda Saboya, director of consumer connections at Heineken Brazil. And with that increased investment, the alcoholic beverage brand is under more pressure to measure the value of its digital ads.

With that in mind, Heineken conducted its first experiment with attention metrics as part of its sponsorship of Brazil’s Rock in Rio 2022 music festival.

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