CPG Brand Drives 2X Higher Ad Exposure and 40% Lower CPM with Attention Bidding


  • A CPG brand was interested in driving higher awareness with more efficient spending and worked with Lumen to buy attention-first media with a custom attention algorithm.


  • Head-to-head test between a traditional programmatic campaign and a programmatic campaign with a custom attention algorithm
  • Measuring all ad impressions with Lumen Attention Tags to understand attention performance in real-time via Lumen Attention Measurement Dashboard 


  • +104% viewed ads
  • +110% higher ad view time
  • 40% lower CPM


The Lumen Attention Algorithm integrates directly with DSPs and allows advertisers to bid on attention through programmatic buying based on specific attention signals: attentive seconds per 1000 impressions (APM) and attentive cost per 1000 impressions (aCPM). This drives more efficient ad spend and better results across the funnel. 

As the team began to measure the results during the campaign, the attention algorithm quickly showed a difference in media buying, prioritizing specific ad units with lower costs that drove higher view time and had a higher chance of being seen by the audience.

This buying strategy resulted in +110% higher view time and +104% more viewed ads at the end of the campaign when compared to the control within the same budget.

In total, the overall CPM cost and attentive cost per impression (aCPM) were both lower, with the attention algorithm buying media for 44% lower aCPM and 40% lower CPM while driving significantly higher results.