Avocados of Mexico: “Attention is the Center of My Media Strategy”  

Last month at Brand Innovators in Austin, Texas, Scott Linzer, Lumen’s General Manager of North America, sat down with Ivonne Kinser, VP of Marketing and Innovation at Avocados from Mexico for a fireside chat. As a company with a track record of eight successful Super Bowl ads in a row amd reached #1 on TikTok among brands, Ivonne and the team aren’t strangers to advertising at scale, both online and offline. She also never wants to stop innovating.

That’s why the next area of focus for Avocados from Mexico comes down to attention. 

“Attention is the center of my media strategy for next year,” Ivonne told the audience. 

Avocados from Mexico sees billions of impressions delivered every year through the company’s ad campaigns. Attention, Ivonne believes, is what will take the team’s advertising to the next level. She added that she’s excited about solutions like Lumen’s attention technology suite, because that allows brands to measure and optimize the quality of impressions, not just the quantity of impressions. By integrating attention metrics into the company’s advertising stack, Ivonne hopes to better understand consumer behavior behind the screen.     

“Let’s forget about billions of impressions and focus on powerful impressions,” Ivonne said. “That’s what excites me: to take everything we have built and make it one hundred times more meaningful with attention.” 

Scott and Ivonne discussed how viewability is a fundamental metric for advertisers, but doesn’t necessarily measure where the consumer is actually looking on the screen. Every impression is different, especially depending on the environment. By finally defining impressions with attention technology, media can be measured across channels with one common set of metrics that tells a deeper story of both the consumer’s engagement and the consumer’s ad experience.

Want to watch the full discussion? Take a look at the video below: