Angus Webb

We were deeply saddened to hear the news that Angus Webb, Managing Director of Panelbase, has died from Covid-19.
As many people have said, Angus was a giant of a man: kind, generous, gentle and thoughtful. He was one of the pioneers of the access panel model in the UK, built a successful and respected business and led a passionate and talented team. Panelbase runs the Lumen passive panel for us, and Angus’ vision and commitment has helped make that the success it is.
I will remember Angus, beer in hand, at a conference in Munich, introducing me to the names and faces of the market research world. And I will remember especially how at the time I felt so lucky to know him: how open and generous he was, to give over his time to make everyone feel welcome. And I will remember how sad I feel now that he is gone.
Our thoughts are with Angus’ family and friends, and all the Panelbase team.